Addressing Gaps in SDOH Support Programs

Presented at the HealthPayerIntelligence 2021 Virtual Summit

Despite the growth of programs that provide support for common social determinants of health, health outcomes for many are still negatively impacted by a range of social risks that aren’t being adequately addressed. While screening for social risks and connecting people to services is necessary, it is not sufficient. This session will explore how to effectively help individuals overcome social risks and barriers to care through person-centered coaching that builds skills, knowledge and self-efficacy through sustained engagement.

Key Learnings Include:

  • Why offering resources alone is not sufficient to address social risks
  • How culturally-sensitive, whole-person coaching can identify and address all types of social risks, not just economic or environmental
  • Why ongoing screening and sustained engagement is necessary to help individuals build the skills and knowledge needed to mitigate social risks long-term

Presented by:

Judith Feld, MD, MPH, MMM, National Medical Director, Ontrak

Laura Simmonds, MBA, MSN, RN, Care Community Program Manager, Ontrak

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Unaddressed conditions lead to unneeded costs.
Let’s address that together.

5.7% of the population living with unaddressed behavioral health issues account for nearly half of the overall cost to health plans—this could mean millions in avoidable costs annually.