Transforming the Behavioral Healthcare Journey Through Augmented Intelligence

The market today lacks large, high-quality datasets that link data on clinical interventions, member progress, service preferences and provider feedback. Ontrak Health is solving for these challenges by building an industry-leading Advanced Engagement System that integrates AI into every step of the behavioral healthcare journey. Ontrak Health is pioneering a new approach to behavioral healthcare through an AI-infused intervention platform that optimizes:

  • Program Eligibility Aligned to Value-Based Care
  • Member Outreach and Enrollment
  • Coaching Notes, Interactions and Efficacy
  • Fidelity to Evidence-Based Models
  • Provider Visits and Treatment Pathways
  • Interoperability of Data from Ontrak, providers, and health plans
  • Outcomes

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Unaddressed conditions lead to unneeded costs.
Let’s address that together.

5.7% of the population living with unaddressed behavioral health issues account for nearly half of the overall cost to health plans—this could mean millions in avoidable costs annually.