Our Proven Process

Our whole person solution is a proven 4-step process that overcomes common challenges with member outreach and engagement while delivering meaningful, proven outcomes

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We go beyond identifying surface-level factors to uncover deeper, more predictive attributes. Leveraging advanced data analytics—and using 21 different features relating to co-occurring medical conditions—we can assess utilization patterns, demographic factors, and prescription characteristics to identify health plan members who have unaddressed behavioral health conditions—even absent a diagnosis—and coexisting chronic medical conditions.

BH Conditions

Anxiety | Depression | SUD

Ontrak Members

3-5% of a health plan's
adult population

High Cost

Diabetes | Hypertension
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Our engagement process is rooted in understanding the whole person and their individual barriers to care. We utilize evidence-based methodologies - such as motivational interviewing - to help identify members' goals, needs, abilities and barriers up front.

By understanding members on a personal level and establishing trust, our Engagement Specialists and Care Coaches drive industry-leading program enrollment, retention and member satisfaction.

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For up to 52 weeks, our team of Care Coaches and Nutrition Specialists guide members toward durable behavior and lifestyle changes, while tightly coordinating care with health plans' care management teams and network providers to address their underlying conditions.

Through therapy, counseling, nutrition coaching, medication management, and goal tracking, our personalized treatment plans give members the skills, health literacy, confidence, and engagement with providers to take charge of their health and properly manage their conditions.

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R. Combess

Care Coach

“Letting my members know that I am here for them, that I am walking beside them through this, is the most important thing”

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Care Coach

“We have the resources available to reach out as a team with all of our care coaches. We really do work as a team trying to get our members resources.”

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D. Anthony

Care Coach

“Our therapists are on the front line of COVID-19 for our members. They have the ability to create the coping skills and strategies to help them manage”

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Beyond our 52-week therapist-led and coach-driven treatment cycle, members achieve significant behavior change and better member health outcomes. Ontrak graduates report that they are more closely connected with their primary care physicians, behavioral health providers, and health plans—ultimately leading to improved health and meaningful reduction in costly avoidable medical utilization.


Ontrak graduates realize on average $486 per member per month cost savings.

4 Steps.
Lasting Behavioral Health Outcomes.

This is not a theory—it’s a proven approach. Through every touchpoint, the Ontrak team empowers members in their journey to better health and lasting outcomes. Ultimately, this delivers significant, proven cost savings for health plans, and healthier outcomes for members.

Deliver durable outcomes and reduce medical expense.

Request a one-on-one discovery session to discuss common challenges to effective behavioral health management—including member identification, outreach, SDOH barriers, and engagement—and where our program can integrate into your strategy to help you achieve your goals.

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