5 Keys to Overcoming Medicaid Population Engagement Challenges

Medicaid enrollments have risen to record numbers as vulnerable populations across the country faced unprecedented hardships due to COVID-19. Despite the spike in Medicaid enrollees – and associated healthcare costs - engaging those with unaddressed behavioral health needs and other chronic physical conditions continues to present significant challenges for health plans. In this paper we outline the 5 key challenges that health plans must overcome to effectively engage Medicaid members:

  • Identification
  • Effective outreach
  • Addressing social risks
  • Program retention
  • Care coordination

Learn how Ontrak solves for each of these challenges through our evidence-based, person-centered approach to deliver durable outcomes and cost savings.

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Unaddressed conditions lead to unneeded costs.
Let’s address that together.

5.7% of the population living with unaddressed behavioral health issues account for nearly half of the overall cost to health plans—this could mean millions in avoidable costs annually.