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Virtual Care Alone Won’t Drive Durable Behavioral Health Outcomes

For complex populations who face a myriad of barriers to care, offering virtual care solutions alone will not remove barriers or solve engagement challenges—especially for the high-cost, hard-to-engage populations that drive nearly half of total healthcare costs. By combining high-touch support from dedicated therapists, nutrition specialists, psychiatrists, and care coaches with virtual and in-person visits, Ontrak has created a proven multichannel, integrated approach to behavioral health.

Read our latest white paper to learn:

  • The benefits of a combined virtual and in-person approach to behavioral health
  • Common challenges and solutions for behavioral health engagement
  • How Ontrak’s whole-person, multichannel approach produces durable clinical and financial outcomes for health plans and their members

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Unaddressed conditions lead to unneeded costs.
Let’s address that together.

5.7% of the population living with unaddressed behavioral health issues account for nearly half of the overall cost to health plans—this could mean millions in avoidable costs annually.